Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Illustration Friday - Disguise

I thought I'd get back into working on the Illustration Friday topic every now and then. This weeks topic was disguise and it reminded me of one of my first commissions for Business Franchise way back when. It was of two kids trying to get into a cinema in disguise. The topic also reminded me of when I tried unsuccessfully to get tickets for Terminator 2. I was convinced that wearing a baseball cap backwards somehow made me look older.

Monday, 29 August 2011

What a weekend!

I cannot overstate what an awesome weekend I've just had! A couple of my friends were getting married in what has to be one of the most idyllic locations to my mind in the UK. I mean of course the peak district! The views were fantastic, the drinks were free, what more could you ask for. The word for the weekend was fun!

I'm obviously not going to share the wedding photos I took on my blog but I will show a photo of the place I stayed.

Farmcraft rare breed centre just outside Kniveton is one of the friendliest places I've stayed and it's in an ideal location if you're looking to head out to Dovedale for some very lovely walks. I opted for the B&B accommodation which was very nice. However, if you give them a go I'd recommend the Yurts! They looked ace. Also, if you've got kids there's lots of animals for them to fuss over.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Last giftware designs before trip

My giftware rep has put his trip to the US back a week which has given me much needed time to produce a few more designs which I hope will catch the eye of prospective buyers. It's hard to say how successful the trip will be what with the economy being the way it is. These things are out of my hands and all I can do is carry on regardless and stay positive!

I'm now off to prep these designs for the trip at the new studio my rep works out of. It must be an improvement on the Georgian Terrace which for so many years was the base of operations. Apparently it's open plan and very modern which sounds great.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mail out time

Hello there! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I spent mine socialising and making what at the time seemed like intellectual conversation with all my friends. Looking back it probably wasn't as cerebral as I'd thought at the time. Anyway...

Ever now and then I like to let people know that I still exist by sending them a doodle. This time I've gone for a computer gaming theme which I thought appropriate as I have a few computer game magazines on my mailing list.

The idea came from a conversation I had many moons ago regarding a friend of a friend who'd met her future husband on World of Warcraft. Apparently not an unusual set of circumstances as I had previously thought. Anyway, it popped into my head while sketching ideas. By the way the husband in the story was Swedish and his real name was Krull! He actually sounds like a character from a fantasy world. Wasn't there a film called Krull? Mmm. I might have to ask professor google.

Friday, 19 August 2011

The Inaugural Rokko Super Cup

As mentioned previously I reluctantly took part in a eleven a side football match in honour of my two good friends who recently turned 30. A lot of time and energy went into the planning of this event right down to a trophy and winners medals. As you can imagine this was started in a light hearted fashion with an emphasis on taking part rather than winning. However, all those good intentions disappeared within five seconds on the game beginning.

I don't play football so I was as much use as an instruction manual written in ancient Sumerian. I did try my hardest but as these photos show I am not the most graceful of men!

Here are the birthday boys. Nik on the left with yellow socks and Dan (Rokko) in white. The good looking guy lazily jogging on the right is me!

This is the only shot of me contributing to the game without fouling someone. Although you have to question the tactics of putting the slowest and least experienced player (me) against the fastest man on the pitch! The only other times I stopped was when ran straight into him!

Here is the winning team! From right to left we have Tom, Neil, Matt, John, Dave (safe hands), Archie, me, Trig (The destroyer), Nik, Kayleigh and Luke. The game finished 9-8!

Monday, 15 August 2011

New giftware designs

I know that it's customary to feel a little melancholy on a Monday but I must say I'm feeling rather good. I had a really nice weekend playing an eleven a side football match and following that up with drinks and merry making. Ok I feel like I've been hit repeatedly with a shovel and my body aches all over but apart from that it's left me in a very good mood. I'm very much looking forward to seeing my photography friends photos!

Anyway, I thought I'd update you on some new work I've been doing for my giftware rep. I won't be doing any new work for him this week as I'll be printing and mounting stuff instead. Fingers crossed the economic situation in the US doesn't effect sales.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Floppy disk sound out!

It's typical that a friend of mine suddenly decides he wants my Floppy Disk T-shirt and they've now sold out. He's had a year and somehow it's my fault. Well tough luck!


Hello! I'm not much of gamer but I had to mention Limbo. I stumbled across it while procrastinating on the Internet and I was so impressed by how stylish and atmospheric it looked.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Design for sale @ Shirt.Woot!

Good day to you. I hope you had a pleasant weekend. Mine involved a barbecue and far too much food to be eaten by a man of medium build such as myself.

This post is a little late in the day, but my design Smarter than the average bear is available to buy at Shirt.Woot! Considering all the trouble I went through with this design it is very satisfying to see it up for sale knowing that I will not have to worry about anymore maths related amendments. I just need to send a copy of the t-shirt to the very kind astrophysics major who helped me out with the equation. What a nice chap!