Friday, 19 August 2011

The Inaugural Rokko Super Cup

As mentioned previously I reluctantly took part in a eleven a side football match in honour of my two good friends who recently turned 30. A lot of time and energy went into the planning of this event right down to a trophy and winners medals. As you can imagine this was started in a light hearted fashion with an emphasis on taking part rather than winning. However, all those good intentions disappeared within five seconds on the game beginning.

I don't play football so I was as much use as an instruction manual written in ancient Sumerian. I did try my hardest but as these photos show I am not the most graceful of men!

Here are the birthday boys. Nik on the left with yellow socks and Dan (Rokko) in white. The good looking guy lazily jogging on the right is me!

This is the only shot of me contributing to the game without fouling someone. Although you have to question the tactics of putting the slowest and least experienced player (me) against the fastest man on the pitch! The only other times I stopped was when ran straight into him!

Here is the winning team! From right to left we have Tom, Neil, Matt, John, Dave (safe hands), Archie, me, Trig (The destroyer), Nik, Kayleigh and Luke. The game finished 9-8!

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