Saturday, 28 September 2013

Classic wrestlers project - Andre The Giant

Classic wrestler number 3! Andre the Giant.

You may have seen Andre in the classic movie "The Princess Bride" as Fezzik. If not why not. Stop what you're doing, get it and watch it!

PS. I got some great tips from Ctrl Paint for this doodle. Well worth a look.

The master at work!

If you don't know Stephen Silver's work then do yourself a favour and look him up. Quality artist!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Classic wrestlers project - The Undertaker

Next in my list of classic wrestlers is The Undertaker. He was one of my favourites as a kid and although I wasn’t aware of John Carpenter at the time the character would have fitted into one of his movies nicely. In fact the more I think about it the more he reminds me of Michael Myers. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Timelapse watercolor pin up by Melissa Ballesteros Parada

You've got to check out this watercolour painting by Melissa Ballesteros. A sign of true skill is making something really difficult look easy which she does. I think you'll agree it's pretty inspiring stuff and makes me want to dust off the watercolour set!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Practical Lessons

Very recently I did a commission for TSL Education and here it is in printed form. I love to see the finished article mainly because I can show it to my friends and prove that what I do is an actual job. I suspect they think I sit around my house in my underwear, eating breakfast cereal straight from the box while watching daytime quiz shows. That I reserve for my retirement. Right now I’m very keen to get my work in as many publications as possible before it all goes digital! 

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment!  

Friday, 20 September 2013

Moo printing services

A couple of weeks ago I posted an illustration which I was having printed into postcards. Well, they arrived about a week ago and the mail outs have all been sent. Why am I waffling on about this I hear you ask. I just wanted to give a shout out to Moo printing services for the awesome job they did. I've only used local printers who are in my opinion a little pricey. I'm sure there are valid reasons for this and I suspect the automated nature of online printing services has it's savings. Getting to the point I thought Moo were reasonably priced, and the user interface was clear and easy to understand. They had a user guide for preparing your design. How big it should be, where the cropping will occur, what file types to use, how to deal with fonts and colour settings. I also liked how you could customise the back of the card with a logo. There may be a load of other sites offering similar and even better services and if that’s the case leave a comment. I'm a creature of habit so I’ll be sticking with Moo. I was well chuffed!

It’s also worth mentioning they print many other things, only I can’t talk about them as I’ve never used any of these services. If you have please let me know what you thought.  

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Recent work

Here a couple of things I've been working on recently. Firstly Host Management commissioned me to design five children's characters for their Funtastic Foods project. They wanted them to be stylistically similar to the characters they had used in the past but to improve on them which I think I did. They seemed happy with them!

I've also got to say  how great it was working with Eleanor Hughes on this. She was very clear on what she wanted, and really easy to work with which is why it's so sad that they've made her redundant. Hopefully she'll find something soon as she'd be an asset to anyone. 

Finally here's a little businessman mascot I've been working on. It was quite a lot of fun!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Classic wrestlers project - Hulk Hogan

It’s the late 80's, early 90’s and Hulkamania is at its zenith! That’s right; it’s when wrestling was awesome. I don’t know exactly when or how it happened but I stopped watching wrestling and now it just doesn't hold a torch to the memories of my childhood. Anyway, I wanted to do an art project on the side and what could be more fun than celebrating those over the top cartoon like characters from the WWF as is was known back then. Here’s my first. Hulk Hogan. I’ll be honest, I wasn't a fan of his but all my friends were.

He did have a catchy entrance theme though!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Satin Rules

A valuable lesson can be learnt from this. Always spell check! 

This is my upcoming promo piece, which I'll be using to convince potential clients that I'm awesome. I just need to get the postcards printed and I think I'll be using Moo printing services for this. They're really reasonably priced and do a really nice job. I'll get some photos of the printed postcards when they arrive. I love getting my work printed out. It's so exciting opening the packaging and taking that first look.