Friday, 20 September 2013

Moo printing services

A couple of weeks ago I posted an illustration which I was having printed into postcards. Well, they arrived about a week ago and the mail outs have all been sent. Why am I waffling on about this I hear you ask. I just wanted to give a shout out to Moo printing services for the awesome job they did. I've only used local printers who are in my opinion a little pricey. I'm sure there are valid reasons for this and I suspect the automated nature of online printing services has it's savings. Getting to the point I thought Moo were reasonably priced, and the user interface was clear and easy to understand. They had a user guide for preparing your design. How big it should be, where the cropping will occur, what file types to use, how to deal with fonts and colour settings. I also liked how you could customise the back of the card with a logo. There may be a load of other sites offering similar and even better services and if that’s the case leave a comment. I'm a creature of habit so I’ll be sticking with Moo. I was well chuffed!

It’s also worth mentioning they print many other things, only I can’t talk about them as I’ve never used any of these services. If you have please let me know what you thought.  

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