Friday, 30 November 2012

Spelling Zom-Bee work in progress

This is a first pass at an idea I had a while back. I'm putting it up on a few forums to see if I can get some constructive feedback before submitting it to one of the many, many t-shirt competition sites out there. Looking at it as I write this I'm thinking I could add a few blood spots, so hopefully with a lot of fresh eyes scanning it I will get lots of suggestions which will make this into a better design.


  1. I love this! There again I'm a sucker for Horror/comedy... plus it's a really cool illustration.
    But, You did ask for suggestions, so...
    how about having the missing arm still clinging to the mike stand, maybe with some blood and stringy bits, (stringy bits is obviously a technical term) still attached? This would probably be a wee bit too much for your intended market though. But to be honest, I really like it as it is. Great design!

    1. I really like the arm idea and if stringy bits isn't a technical term it should be!

      Thanks for the feedback Mark.