Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Time management

I would love to talk about how productive I've been this week but it's Christmas and like everyone else I've been sitting on my backside consuming my own body weight in food, and drinking my fair share of alcoholic beverages. I did however find the time in my not so busy holiday schedule to sit down and do a timetable. "Why" I hear you ask. "Surely it's a pointless exercise in procrastination." Well... yes, I guess it is so why the hell would I waste my time like this? There is some solid reasoning beyond not wanting to do any work at Christmas. For me it acts as a visual kick up the bum. January is really busy for me and I can't afford to switch off, not even for a day otherwise I'll be facing one of those 24 hour marathons to meet the deadline. Insert Danny Glover Lethal Weapon quote here.

If you're wondering about the cartoon I thought I'd be fun to add a illustrated element to the post. An illustration blog which is just type would be like a burger restaurant without burgers. Madness!

Click on the image for a closer look!

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