Thursday, 24 March 2011


This is a new peace of work for my portfolio. It's the first finished illustration I've done in a long time and there are things about it I think I could improve but all in all I'm relatively pleased. I got the Japanese scroll type from the Internet and I have no idea what it says. It could say "half price sale" and I'd be none the wiser, although it fits in well with the idea that instructor is a little ridiculous and knows nothing of Japanese language or culture and just uses it to enhance his martial arts image. The instructor himself is modelled heavily on a Jim Carrey's karate instructor. I haven't got around to putting the club logo on the instructor's jacket but it will be called "Chuck Marmalade's Karate school". I had originally planned to put some slogans on the wall as well like "punch fear in the teeth" but I thought it'd look cluttered.

1 comment:

  1. Cool drawing. It's a nice character study-at-a-glance with a great cross section of students that you might find at about any strip mall dojo. I love the look of the instructor-is he indeed THE Chuck Marmalade? I also think you used just enough variance in the color palatte and background elements to keep it interesting without being too busy. Great job