Monday, 29 February 2016

Skill 2 Play Sports projects

Another week goes by seemly faster than the last and another post describing the epically exciting roller coast that is my life is published for your viewing pleasure! OK, I might be over selling it as all I have to show this week is work from the Skills 2 Play Sport project I'm working on. What can I say, I like a dramatic entrance. You should see me in real life. If I don't have a smoke machine and an AC/DC track to announce my entrance to a room I'd rather not enter!

Skills 2 Play Sports is a set of resource cards designed to teach primary school kids a specific sport or set of skills. Since 2013 gymnastics, athletics and aquatics have been some of the skills covered. This current set I'm working on now is covering climbing and orienteering. As per usual I can't show any of the current set until it's launch but I can show some of the cards from the older sets.

These cards are from the aquatic set. They had a specific style they wanted me to work to but it wasn't too far off what I did anyway so I had no problems adapting. The tricky thing for me was to fit all the activities into a small space whilst making it fun for the kids!

With any luck I'll keep getting these to work on for many more moons as I am a massive fan of repeat work! Hint hint hint.

Time for the shameless self promotion portion of the post! You should definitely bookmark my website, subscribe to this blog which will be updated every Monday, follow me on Twitter and/or connect to me on Linkedin. I am currently booked up with work but I will announce my availability via the previously mentioned sites as soon as I'm free. Possibly accompanied by an AC/DC track and smoke machine!   

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