Friday, 2 September 2011

Christmas designs

Hello one and all. I hope you are well today. I myself am bleary eyed and more than a little tired. I wish there was a good reason like just getting back from the gym or having a crazy night out but I think I'm just coming down with something. Oh well!

These are my latest Christmas bags. I will be doing one more to complete the set and then moving onto something none Christmas related. I don't want to be sick and tired of Christmas before it even gets here.

I've finished early so I should really try and knock out some t-shirt designs as it's been a few months since my last one. Although, I am very tempted to go for a walk as the sun's shining and lets face it there's been very little sun about this summer. It seems a shame to waist it!

1 comment:

  1. Whoah! Slow down, Ian. Can we have halloween and thanksgiving first?

    Well, since you insist... these are really great designs! I think if I had to choose, the reindeer is my favorite. Carry on!