Monday, 26 September 2011


Hello. I had a very busy weekend with the highlight being a £6.00 gig at Rescue Rooms which featured Yunioshi, and Swimming. Two great live acts and a really great night out. It was also my friends 33rd birthday and we went out into to town and watched him make tit of himself!

I went a little off topic there as this post it about the Illustration Friday submission for ferocious and not my weekend activities. It's unfinished and may remain this way depending on how busy I am. I was planning on adding an audience. It was going to be the usual ferocious lion but then I thought who's more ferocious the lion or the nut job with the bull whip and chair. You decide!


  1. Poor lion. He looks like he'd rather be somewhere else... and I don't blame him.

  2. oh the lion is so sad....... this us awesome

  3. The poor lion is thinking that the annoying trainer could be a nice dinner. :)